The World Gaming Photography Universe

The World Gaming Photography Universe

There were times when photography was an event that occurred in conjugation with special occasions, and possessing a camera used to be a symbol of great taste, creativity, and of course, enviable richness. It’s a different story today; even a 10 year old has a smartphone with, let’s be honest, a freakishly good camera.

Paralleled by this great change has been another change, not quite unrelated to the invasion of our lives by digital photography. The digital world has been, in its turn, invaded by realistic photography.

Beyond The Constraints Of The Real World – In-Game Architecture Photography

Architecture has always been a preferred theme for photographers; even if there’s a very low ceiling in terms of experimentation and innovation in the niche. However, there are no constraints in the gaming world; ‘skyscrapers‘ can actually cut through the clouds, swimming pools can exist without finiteness plugging the water flow, and airports can resemble the war-grounds of aliens!

No wonders, in-game photography enthusiasts follow artists who are willing to venture into this rather abstract and infinite design space. The extent of detailing and the richness of colours in this world of in-game architecture photography us bafflingly huge, check for instance Iain Andrews’ Steam Postcards, and is loaded enough to make enthusiasts take notice.

Game Photography With A Dash Of Emotional Appeal

With storyline based games making their presence felt on the popularity charts, there’s no way that game photographers are going to miss out on the opportunity to show some of their skills by precisely taking photographs from the game storyline when the characters are expressing the most poignant emotions – whether it’s the game’s protagonist meeting the long separated family, the confessions of a hit-man, untold, unlicensed yet prospering love between the maid and the master, and more.

Unadulterated Game Photography Seasoned With Instagram Filters

Considering the design appeal of game photography, it can be surprising to note that the real deluge of game photographers swamping photography blogs and websites with their works is still awaited. The glaring absence of screenshot capabilities in gaming consoles surfaces as the most probable reason for the same.

However, enthusiasts are already experimenting with intuitive workarounds such as using their DSLRs to take shots, or playing mobile games to take screenshots without any hassles. Of course, the latter option comes with the added facility of quickly adding Instagram filters or specialized filter effects to the image to bring out the best expressions from the same.