Denizen Works Designs Floating Chapel Shaped Like a Giant Organ

London architecture studio Denizen Works has revealed plans to build a canalboat that doubles as a church, featuring a roof that expands and contracts like the bellows

Sybarite Bases Japanese Restaurant Interior on Bamboo Forests

The wood-lined interior of this high-end Japanese restaurant in London was designed by local practice Sybarite to evoke the feeling of a tranquil bamboo forest.Located on the city’s

David Adjaye and Ron Arad Chosen to Design UK Holocaust Memorial in London

Adjaye associates, ron arad architects and landscape architects gustafson porter + bowman have been selected to design the UK’s new holocaust memorial and learning centre in london. the winning team

Herzog and De Meuron Unveils Campus Expansion Plans for the Royal College of Art

The royal college of art (RCA) has unveiled plans for a new building that will form part of its expanded battersea campus in south London. designed

Snohetta Uses Red Plaster-Clad arches to Delineate Aesop Store in London

Having completed aesop stores in Oslo, Dusseldorf, and Singapore, among other locations, snohetta has now opened an outlet for the Australian skincare brand in London. the 108-square-meter retail space — which

MAD Architects’ Ma Yansong on the Importance of Travel

The first time Ma Yansong traveled abroad from China, he went to Yale to earn a Master’s degree. While there, he participated in a Yale-sponsored travel

An Architects’s Newest Residences Are Built Within a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The peculiarly shaped granite peaks that form China’s Huangshan mountain range started forming roughly one million years ago. Over the past few centuries, the

A Dancing House Location: Prague, Czech Republic Architect: Frank Gehry Fun Fact

Even though Houston is poised to surpass Chicago as the third-most populous city in the U.S., its downtown isn’t as vibrant as what you’d

7 of the Most Beautiful Buildings that Defy Gravity

If there is one requirement of architecture, it’s that the structure must remain upright. Forget any aesthetic purpose, architects would be out of a

Choosing the Right Cat Breed for You

Cats come in all shapes, sizes and temperaments. We cover the questions that will help you choose the right cat for your family and