2015 Events

The Trakulan Federation will be hosting 3 events this year to celebrate the release of Star Wars: Register soon, seats are very limited!

Star Wars: Episode VII Premier



Cantina Party!

DEC 17th, 2015 – 10:00pm to Midnight
Megaplex 17, Jordan Commons – Sandy, UT


Star Wars Battlefront LAN Party

Friday, Dec 18th, 2015 – 4pm – 2am
Location TBD



      1. So far it has been minimal. To make matters worse, it turns out BattleFront won’t support private matches – which basically makes a LAN impossible. Right now, I’m thinking we may cancel the lan party or just do something different.

          1. Me too. I think we might try to do one on december 26th instead?? I might be on a smaller scale… do you work on that day?

          1. ive lanned that game before it works great and any pc can run it you can even run dedicated servers for it, I think more people will come if we do that one cause their computers will be able to run it… plus it has awesome space battles

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